Sydney Empty Container Park Management “Crisis”

Empty container park management in Sydney has reached a crisis point. Many empty container parks in Sydney are now full and have closed as they cannot take receipt of anymore import de-hires of a certain type, or any type in some cases.

Sydney has suffered recent weather disruptions, berth and container terminal congestion, and stevedore industrial disruption, all are major contributing factors.

A shipping line today has asked for de-hires to be delayed and advised they cannot process any redirections at this time. The shipping line asked anyone who can de-hire in Brisbane or Melbourne to contact the shipping line concerned.

The shipping lines need to urgently evacuate the large number of empty containers choking the empty container parks in Sydney to alleviate the current severe congestion. The containers are needed back in Asia for export.

The current situation is creating a massive amount of unnecessary work and extra cost for transport operators. Speedmark can talk to the shipping lines about container detention relief. Empty parks are in some cases re-directing containers elsewhere and sometimes they are making transport operators hold empties until they can make room. This comes at a cost and these additional costs are being passed on as this is out of their control.

We understand plans are in motion for some dedicated vessel calls for the evacuation of empty containers out of Port Botany over the coming weeks. Let us hope that is the case.

Speedmark will continue to keep clients updated with any further development. Please reach out to your local Speedmark contact if you have any queries relating to this issue.

Keeping you updated.

The team at Speedmark

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